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Cross-border e-commerce

Douples×Oracle NetSuite

Oracle's NetSuite Cloud ERP is a unified business management suite that covers ERP / financial management, CRM, and e-commerce. It provides leading cloud ERP business software solutions for start-up companies to large enterprises, with more than 20,000 existing customers.
Oracle NetSuite cross-border e-commerce solution can integrate all your business systems, including: ERP, CRM, order management and inventory warehousing management, etc. Unified management.

Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP empowers five advantages of cross-border e-commerce

  • Multi-platform multi-account management


  • Industry-finance integration platform


  • Global Supply Chain Management


  • Strong multinational business development support


Multi-platform multi-account management:
Oracle NetSuite can quickly connect with mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Aliexpress, JD, TMALL, etc., and can realize the unified management of multi-platform and multi-account orders on a single platform to complete the unification of customers Identification and precipitation;
Build a global payment and settlement network, reduce cross-border support costs, help cross-border e-commerce companies extend their business to online self-built stations and offline retail wholesale channels, and truly realize the integrated operation of all channels and multiple platforms.
Industry and finance integration support, comprehensive BI analysis:
Oracle NetSuite business and financial integration to meet the requirements of business, finance and other links. Real-time feedback of front-end business information and back-end financial information of cross-border e-commerce enterprises can be realized, "both manage goods and money". Front-end business data generates financial data in real time, financial results trace business details in real time, and real-time reports display and analysis.
Based on the integration of industry and finance, Oracle NetSuite provides a comprehensive and rich BI analysis around the management dimensions such as "people, goods, and market" to provide complete data support for cross-border e-commerce management decisions, thereby continuously improving the precision of management. To seize market opportunities.
Global supply chain management:
Oracle NetSuite applies advanced forecasting algorithms to generate timely and accurate supply and demand plans, easily connects self-operated warehouses and third-party overseas warehouse platforms, and manages inventory data simultaneously;
Use the automatic inventory matching engine to achieve the best warehousing and shipping .

Strong multinational business development support:
Oracle NetSuite's globalization capability is second to none, supports more than 20 languages, and has built-in taxation systems in more than 100 countries. It supports fiscal and tax localization solutions in 58 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, and Australia, providing a powerful way for cross-border e-commerce companies to go overseas. Guarantee.

Overall plan of cross-border e-commerce

Oracle NetSuite helps cross-border e-commerce companies to obtain the following benefits:
1. Quickly build a foreign e-commerce website and go online in 2 months;
2. Increase the amount of each order, accelerate the transformation of strong promotional capabilities;
3. Optimize the payment process and provide 100% customized single-page bills;
4. Provide multi-dimensional, multi-option product classification, based on key data to get shopping options;
5. Provide sound business search and paging navigation to ensure shoppers find the products they want;
6. Eliminate the cost and error possibility of integrating different systems, e-commerce, order management and warehouse management are seamlessly integrated
7. Make finance more compliant, lay a good foundation for companies to leverage capital markets in the future, and accelerate the pace of future corporate IPOs.